HH Dog is changing


We are changing our name to 

                                     Leash Free Halton Hills

A committed group of volunteers working to help promote and expand your local off-leash experience

  Welcome to HHDog !

“ We believe that a well exercised dog is a healthy dog, 

That a dog that is socialized and can play with other dogs, is a happy dog, 

That a dog that sees people and other dogs as friends, not enemies, 

is an asset to its family and the community. ”

Halton Hills Dog Owners Group (HHDOG) is a group of volunteers formed in 2002 who established leash-free zones in Halton Hills.   Currently we have two off-leash dog parks in Halton Hills: Prospect Park in Acton, and Cedarvale Park in Georgetown.  
Both dog-parks are located within Town of Halton Hills Parks System, where we work closely with the Town of Halton Hills to ensure they operate smoothly. Both dog-parks are fenced and double-gated.


We will need another Dog-Park in South Georgetown to accommodate the 20,000 people who will move into 
Vision Georgetown new development.
Do  you live in South Georgetown?       Do you want a dog-park there?
We need a dedicated group of people to promote and ensure that a new off-leash dog-park is built.  
You need to get involved, now.  While in the planning stage.  It won't take much time at all - just your documented support.
email:    group@hhdog.com


ALL membership funds collected went to building SHELTERS in both leash-free zones.
              (SEE:  INFORMATION under, NEWS )              (Please consider joining or donating:  >Memberships )
One shelter was built in Cedarvale off-leash.  Thanks to KAVEN Construction & Renovations for donating the labour.  To RONA for donating a portion of the materials, to members for their support.

Shelter in Prospect Park, Acton off-leash is now built !  
Thanks to 'KAVEN Construction & Renovations' for donating the labour.  Thanks to 'Leathertown Lumber' for donating the building materials, and to all the members whose support helped pay for the helical piers.

We were successful in our delegation to the Town Council requesting funds to install new and better LIGHTING at both parks.  Both dog-parks now have FULL night-time lighting with high-intensity LED lights.

Update:  Town agreed to extend lighted hours to early morning to accommodate early risers where requested.

SPECIAL PROGRAMS:  For 'Greyhound Hour' and 'Small Dog Hour', click above on->  'INFORMATION'


Jeff L. - Co-Chair
Jane L. - Co-Chair
Andrea C. - Membership Coordinator
Janet S. - Treasurer
Julie V. – Social Media
Jane B. - Social Media
Mary H. – Prospect Park Liaison
Faith R. – Greyhound Coordinator
Sarah B. - Prospect Monthly Reports 
Kathy D. – Past President
Scott B. – Past President

If you’d like to help out with HHDOG, drop us a line at:  group@hhdog.com

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