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Frequently Asked Questions

Why HHDog ?  

Without HHDOG there would be no off-leash dog parks in Halton Hills.
We are pushing for a third park in the new development (Vision Georgetown). 
To be successful in this, we need people involved. The more people - the more influence we have.

What is “HHDOG” ?

HHDog is a passionate group of people whose purpose is:
To promote the use and enjoyment of the off leash dog parks in Halton Hills.
To support their maintenance and improvement by ensuring that dog park users have a strong voice with the Town of Halton Hills.

Why Join?  (Membership Benefits):

Membership funds will go toward a third dog-park to partially match funds from the Town.
We need large numbers of people to have an impact with the Town for a Third Dog-Park  
ALL membership funds and donations in 2015 went directly to building shelters in our dog-parks.                                       So we can use them in all weather.   
You definitely help to shape the direction & operation of the dog parks in Halton Hills – have your say!
Community involvement – you can help to make Halton Hills a great place for people and their dogs to live. 
        And we always laugh and have fun in the process!
Voting input at monthly HH Dog meetings to influence what/when/how things are done. 

Do I pay separately for each dog I have?

No.  It is a family membership and includes all the dogs in your family.

What are our Current Projects?

Lobbying for a much needed third dog-park to accommodate the growing population.
Building permanent shelters from rain, snow, ice and sun.
Improving and installing adequate lighting to make parks safe at night and help keep it clean.  
        (*We secured funds from the Town to expand and improve lighting in both parks.)
Creating and monitoring Special Events i.e. small dog hour, greyhound hour, open houses.

What are our On-Going Responsibilities?

Ensuring we receive adequate wood chips, grass cutting and gravel where needed.
Promoting a clean environment: supplying empty bags, poop-scoop and signage.
Expediting timely repair by the Town of broken fixtures, benches. 
Removing snow and ice from gates in a timely manner.
Keeping users up-to-date on projects, by-laws and responsible etiquette within the parks.
Remember, have fun...