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SHELTERS:       at Cedarvale Park                                                       at Prospect Park                

    We have built a modified plan of a 10' by 10' shelter, which was used for both dog-parks. 
And we have a general contractor: KAVEN CONTRACTING (Kyle Venne) who has generously donated his time and expertise to build the shelters.

    The Shelter in Cedarvale was built with no hitches and looks great. Thanks to  Kyle Venne, Kevin Vieyra our project coordinator who displayed his skills and expertise in design and construction.  Also thanks to RONA G-town for their donation and of course, all the members who contributed.

Update:  Shelter in Prospect Park, Acton off-leash is now built !  
Thanks to KAVEN Construction & Renovations for donating the labour.  Thanks to 'Leathertown Lumber' for donating the building materials, and to all the members whose support helped pay for the helical piers.  


    HHDog did a presentation to the Town Council in January:   A proposal to fund new and better lighting for Cedarvale Off-Leash and Prospect Park Off-leash.  It was approved for the 2015 Town Budget, with enthusiasm by the councillors and our Mayor. 

    Success:  We now have full night-time lighting in both off-leash dog-parks with new high-intensity LED lights.  Thanks to the support from the Mayor, the Town Councillors and members who showed-up at the delegation.
Reminder:  Please continue to bring flashlights to help find and pick-up after your dog.  There are shadows under some of the trees.

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We now have Facebook pages for both the Cedarvale and the Acton off leash parks! 

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